Yet another wind farm

Withiel Parish Council has objected to a plan to establish another wind farm in the area, this one of five turbines 360 feet tall at Scotland Corner above Rosenannon. The Council has told Cornwall’s planners that there are already 41 turbines visible from the Downs above Withiel, which is probably a greater concentration of turbines than anywhere in Britain, and more are in the planning process. Not only is the cumulative impact ruining the landscape, and thus affecting tourism and property prices, but the local Grid is unable to cope with the random, intermittent generation. Turbine owners are already being paid to turn off their turbines during high winds, with subsidies of £73 a megawatt-hour. This compares to the £57 per mWh they get for electricity, only a fraction of which ever reaches a customer. Turbine owners are making up to £1,000 a day, in some cases without delivering a single watt.

Ironically, the company applying for the wind farm says the strewing of random single turbines in the area should not be held against it. Withiel Council’s objection adds that the land at Scotland Corner is zoned as rural and agricultural but is being industrialised with too many turbines. It is also an ancient monument site which can never be replaced. “Withiel in particular and Cornwall in general have more than fulfilled their obligations to have these turbines installed,” the Council says. “It’s time for the more densely populated and industrialised parts of the country to shoulder their share. We strongly recommend a debate where the true answers to how much energy we are producing through these machines, what percentage is used and how much it actually costs.”

It is estimated that every family pays an extra £300 per year to turbine and solar panel owners through a levy on their bills, making electricity bills four times more expensive than in New York and putting over two million people in Britain into fuel poverty. The fact that wind turbines are virtually useless as generating systems is bringing all renewables into disrepute.

The March meeting of Withiel Parish Council voted to support a planning application for an extension at Kyldenna, Retire, made some financial dispositions – reported fully in the Minutes of the March meeting on this website – and considered a request for downward-pointing street lights in Withiel; Cornwall Council is to be contacted for information.

The next Parish Council meeting is on April 1st. All are welcome.